Tamas Influencer Agency

Ever since foreign apps have started getting banned, the interest of influencers has increased in making their personal apps, today big influencers are earning good money from their personal apps. This is a great and safe way to keep their fan base secure even after any foreign app is banned. We are Tamas Influencer Agency, a part of Tamas Talent Spree Private Limited Company. We create a personal app for Famous Influencers. This is an app in which both long video creator and short video creator can put their videos in 9:16 and 16:9 formats and the special thing is that this app is absolutely free. Neither do the influencers have to pay money to get it built, nor do they have to pay any service charges. This free app is available to those who have 100k followers or subscribers in Instagram or YouTube. We also make an app for those influencers who do not have 100k followers but for this they have to pay a fixed fee.

Influencers can earn money in many ways with the personal app of influencers created by Tamas.

Through advertisements that play during the video. When Video Influencers put their videos, the Influencer's income will be generated by the ads running during those videos.

  • By promoting Tamas events, song videos, and films. Looking at your popularity, Tamas will give you the opportunity to work in many events and videos, which will generate better income for you.
  • By Super Chat and Super Ticker When Influencers have a good number of downloads, they can use the Super Chat option while live streaming. Users have to pay to talk to them and highlight their messages. Influencers receive this money in their wallet
  • When the downloader gets a subscription When a downloader subscribes to influencers by paying them to watch videos without advertisement, then income will be generated from it. Or The downloader takes advantage of the special offer given by you by paying money every month.

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